Finally, I'm home!
I am totally happy with my trip, cause it was just amazing! I had a rest in Kizhi and Mandrogi and then I moved to St. Petersburg. I'm forever in love with this city - it's very beautiful interesting and inspiring .

So, now I have a lot of new ideas for my future models and cloth collections.
I tried to photograph some sources of my inspiration, and now I'd like to share some pictures with you.

 John Lonnon Street

 It was HOT! )

Some museum exhibits:

 I was trying to get a picture with a handsome boy, but he turned away) Howevere, thisi is one of my favourite  paintings - Matiss "Dance". 



  1. Amazing pictures! Amazing that you saw Matisse in real :)

    And I think you look like a celebrity on the last picture :)

    maybe a little like Dakota Fanning ^-^ I hope that's a compliment ^-^


  2. Thank you! :*

    I like Dakota, so it's a really compliment for me!
    Thank you for your comments)

  3. Wow, these photos are amazing!! So much culture, I love it :) xo


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