Summer is almost over and it makes me so sad...
The last three calendar month were amazing! And I decided to post the photos from one of the best days of my summer:. That day we went to a Starbeach (a crazy place where everything is possible!)

My friend changed his cloth into this crazy costume..It was so funny! :)))

If you are in Crete, you shold definitely go to Starbeach!



Santorini.. It's one of the most beautiful places, I've ever seen. It's a perfect Island for the courting couples, an Island were all your dreams will come true! 

Finally - Santorini beach with dark vulcanic sand! It's a really paradisiacal place!


I'm back!

Dear readers, I apologize for such a long absence. I'm all right! Last week I returned from Greecebut I  left my heart thereIt was an unforgettable vacation and now I just need a little time to get over it
Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of photos of my "looks", but I will post here everything that I haveAs for today - a few photos from the evening walk with my girlfriendsThis silk dress I had made in the past yearUnfortunately, I do not often manage to put it onbut I like it very much ..)

That evening we were at the Seafood Restaurant!



"Greek Way"

 I decided to watch again a couple of filmsevents in which take place in Greeceto tune in to the"Greek way". 

The first movie that I remembered of course was the musical "Mamma Mia". It's an amazing love-story about a family on the Greek island of Kalokairi that is set to the music of ABBA.

The second film was once one of my favorites. It's a story about friendshiployalty and love - "The Sisterhood ofthe Traveling Pants 2". Fate brings girls to Santorini and this movie is worth seeing for the views of thisbreathtakingly beautiful Greek island

Finallythe third filmand a third love story - "My Life in Ruins"This is a funny and  at times touching filmwhichshows us Greece and its culture from many different angles.


Do you want to go to the Seaside?

Thusthe last month of summer has arrived  and this means that you have one last chance to do what you haven't yet done

read a lot of interesting books 
dance till dawn 
go to the seaside 
fall in love ... 

These are my plans for August. What is in your "Must Do" list for this month

Tomorrow I'm finally going to the seaside.I'll spend 10 remarkable days on a Greek island with my lovely friends. I am confident that I will come back full of inspiration and new interesting ideas for Alexandrie Z AlexandraI'm not sure if I will have the possibility to post anything during my tripbut I'll try.

 In the meantime, I want to show you some photos from the Birthday Party of my best friend's motherwhich took place last Sunday.

Me and my mother ( I look like a a giant on my heels) :))

+ bonus:

Hahaha) I am a super-photographer))

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