Streets of Love

Although I usually wear more romantic and "girlish" outfits, sometimes I feel like wearing something more aggressive in a rock-style. When I found this black maxi tunk dress in a flea market I'd instantly created in my imagination a perfect "rock" outfit with it.  
Few days ago I went for a walk with my friend Serjio to take pictures, but  next time I would definitely wear it for a rock-concert. :)

   Leather jacket - Savage
Boots - Ebay
Shawl - Vintage

P.S. Tomorrow I go to Italy for 2 weeks! I'll try to publish something new from my trip as soon as possible!


Once in Prague

Although I've been in Prague many times, I'm always happy to visit it again and again!
This time I came to visit my best friend and spent there 5 happy days!

Spring Break in France!

It was a really good idea to go to France for a Spring break! French chic and elegatce - these are the sings that i really miss in Bilbao!

So, here we go.. or.. it's better to say voilà :


Bilbao Moments

Trip to Biarritz!

Just 2 hours from Bilbao, close to the border, you can find amazingly beautiful and elegant city Biarritz. I was really impressed and I'm planning to come back there soon, to spend there some more time!

KAIXO from Bilbao!

Nice sunny day in my new "home" for the next 2 years!
I should tell you, that the Guggenheim Museum building made by Frank Gehry it's really worth seeing! Amazing futuristic artpiece! I am so blessed to see it everyday, cause it's just right in from of my alma mater - University of Deusto!

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