Cold weather, cold mood

I apologise for being such a bad blogger. I haven't written new posts on my blog for more than a month.. I have a very  busy schedule at my University + TOEFL preparation courses + a lot of homework..arr... and all this is driving me crazy! I don't even have a mood to take pictures or sew something! 

But I promise, that I'll do my best in order to manage to post here somehing interesting from time to time!
Now I's so cold outside.. The real Autumn came to Chisinau. Because of this I have a kind of depression and lack of inspiration.. So, my today's look will be very simple and casual.

Take no notice of that, I believe that everything will change. I have good news, that I's like to share with you: I am going to Barcelona in a week - to celebrate my Birthday! It was my dream and I'm so glad that it will come true! ;))
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