Inspiration: Sea Green, Mint, Caribbean Green, Cockatoo

It has been a lot said about Trend colours of this season - pastel green and mint. These colours are everywhere now - you can find dresses, skirts, shoes.. whatever, of these delicate, girlish colours. Personally I adore this trend and think that these tint of green are perfect for Spring, they are symbolizing the Mother Nature herself. Green also reminds me of fairies, elfs and magic forest.
Inspiring by these colours, I've bought wonderful fabrics. However, I haven't decided yet, what to sew with them.. Dress.. Jacket? Do you have any ideas?)

* In reality the colours are a little bit differens, more saturated and more.. Green!

And here is my Set of Inspiration:


Lady in Red

Hello, dear readers!

A long time ago, I wrote about the red skirt that I had made and promised you to show the pictures from the photosession. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties with my friend-photographer, so I haven't recieved my photos yet.
However, I have some unpolished "preview" photos and I decided to share them with you, cause I couldn't wait more! I hope, you'll like them!

July 2011, Botanical garden, me and my "multifunctional" skirt, that transformed into dress.

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